Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

Hey there! I have a super fun post today. Lime Crime’s hair dye is something I’ve been dying to get my hands on ever since it was announced. Stalking Doe Deere’s and Lime Crime’s Instagram for a release date for over a year. Most anticipated thing of life. And when I saw the Insta story of the dyes being a reality soon, I screamed. I threw my phone, my head hurt and so did my wallet. But I was beyond excited. The one color I always had my eye on is Doe’s signature shade, Pony. I love how bright and amazing this shade of purple is. It’s a pretty unique shade, different then other purples I’ve used. Instead of being just being a deep purple or lavender, Pony is more an electric purple. And boy is it bright. 

Let’s get into procedure:

This is my hair before we bleached it. It’s pretty faded and blonde already. But we still bleached it to make it as light as possible. The back of my hair and roots are really dark and grown out. 

The bleaching process:

This is how blonde we got my hair. We don’t wait too long let the bleach process. That’s how you don’t have too much damage to your hair, especially of you dye a lot. And my hair lightened very fast, so we just listened to my hair. The green is from when I put teal steaks in my hair, so the bleach is making it resurface. We mostly cared about the roots and the darkness in the back and underneath my hair. 
Fun time:

My friend dyes my hair for me because I am no good with hair. We let it set for over an hour or so. 

The end result:

I absolutely love the color. Probably the brightest I ever been. As you can see there’s different colors and some parts are darker than others. That’s only because I’ve dyed my hair so much and have bleached it before. And I don’t like to force myself hair to get super blonde if that’s not where it’s going. I let it do what it can and that’s it. My roots were white so I am good with that. 

Let’s talk about pricing. These are $16 a jar. And when I say jar, I mean jar. The amount of product these hold is ridiculous. This holds 6.76 oz/ 200 mL. Let’s compare. Pravana is 3 oz and is about $8-$11 depending on how cheap you can find it. Manic Panic is 4 oz and about $10. Special Effects is 4 oz as well and is about $8-$11 depending on where you find it. So everyone complaining about the price, they must take into consideration that one is literally twice the size of one regular one. You can see how thick my hair is and it has gotten pretty long. I would usually have to buy about three or four hair dye products to cover my hair. Me and my friend were so shocked when we literally used a jar and a half. And we were kinda just slapping dye all over just make sure every area was covered well. 

What we both noticed is that when we were washing the dye out, the water runs clear. Like no dye came out at all. Like it was washing out, but nothing was in the sink. We both thought that was very interesting. And now I’m wondering whether or not it will come out in the shower. I still haven’t washed it, it’s been weeks. And before you shade me about my hair, mine doesn’t need to be washed every day. That dries out my hair. 

And omg this smells sooooooo good!!!! It smells floral and sweet. It smells amazing like I can smell that all day. Probably the best smelling hair dye I’ve ever encountered. 

Here are the other shades:

Chocolate Cherry, Anime, Pony, Salad, Strawberry Jam, Neon Peach 

Gargoyle, Dirty Mermaid, Blue Smoke, Leelo, Jello 
Bunny, Sext 

I really really love these shades! I’m excited to try more but I am purple living right now. I love that I only need two, and Doe was not playing! She even gave a coupon for a discount for when you need to buy more dye for your next touch up! And it lasts all the way to September!!! And I still have a jar and a half so I am definitely good for awhile. I cannot wait to see how this fades and will totally keep you updated. 

Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know or see. Feel free to ask any questions at all. Thank you guys so much for reading and stay purple!! 


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