Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlight

Omg y’all are killing me!!! Melt Cosmetics has come out with three of their own highlighters. They are called Digital Dust highlights and these are not branded to be your typical highlighter. These aren’t made to be Instagram poppin’ but more red carpet ready. This was made for MUAs who wanted to give their clients a more wearable glow. And they wanted to bring this to us. 

Now let’s glow to town:

So, you can see, straight on it’s not very full blown blinding. But gurl turn to the side and bam! I love it. This is when you want to be high fashion glow. Like you’re going somewhere super fancy or maybe you don’t want blind everyone that day. You want a low key glow.

I got one in the shade Gold Ore. I’m trying so hard to be good but Melt got me. I just had to try one. They are $39 and 8 grams. It is probably one of the most expensive highlights that I own. Especially a single highlighter. I’ve bought sets that were this much but you’re getting multiple highlights. 

Anyway, I completely understand why it is this much. First, of all, indie companies I understand their pricing because it’s literally just them. It’s a small operation that’s completely organic. Not coming from corporate, and charts, and trend reports. And I must say these are really big. I love the size of the compact and it is really smooth and matte. Totally on brand. Comes with the mirror and the highlighters are imprinted with the Melt logo that have had on previous shippers. I absolutely love it. It’s so beautiful. 

The closure is a magnetic snap close so you don’t have to worry about the closure wearing down. Also the formula is very high end. From what I can remember, Lora Arellano said it is combination of some of her favorite highlight formulas from brands such as Estee Lauder. So for me that’s enough for me to pick these up. I know they put a lot of work into making sure we got something really high quality. 

I’m debating on getting the other two. Maybe in the future but there’s too much makeup right now. They are driving me crazy. 

Let me know if you picked any up and how you feel about them. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading and stay purple. 


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