Colour Pop’s 3rd Birthday

Colour Pop celebrated its 3rd birthday and as usual, they came out with their limited edition eyeshadow and packaging. But this year they came out with a whole collection. This years collection came with 4 pressed shadows, 3 ultra glossy lips, a super shock highligher, and a sticker sheet. It didn’t come with the eyeshadow, but you did get it free with a $35 purchase, and the packet was $35. 

I was so happy to get my hands on this collection, the packaging was so cute. And I love getting their birthday shadows. The birthday collection is one of my fav things they release. Let’s get into some swatches! 

Make A Wish: 

Pressed Shadows: The Big 3, Cakewalk, Rager, Party Favors I really really love the pressed shadows. They are like these light duochrome shades that look amazing. They are so pigmented and look like fairy lights on your face. 

Birthday Cake & Blow Me Out:

I really loved these two guys and I was soooo excited they came out with a highlighter too. It’s a really nice golden shade, very glowy. 

Comparisons of Birthday Girl, Birthday Boy, Birthday Cake:Birthday Girl is more of a gold shade, Birthday Boy is a bronze with purple sparkles, and Birthday Cake is pink with silver shimmer. 

Ultra Glossy Lips: RSVP, Bash, Wishes RSVP:I really like this shade the best. The least goopy and overwhelming. And I love the duochrome shade. 

Bash:My least favorite of the shades. I hate pink and even tho this isn’t neon, I still don’t really like it. 

Wishes:I really like this shade, it’s purple, it’s duochrome. But it’s very goopy. Only thing I don’t like. 

Sticker Sheet:

Did you guys get this collection? I really loved it and love that they came out with a whole collection. The only thing I didn’t like is that you couldn’t get the certain pieces of the collection. Like I most likely wouldn’t have gotten the glosses. I rarely use lip gloss so as shiny as they are, I don’t want to get more of what I won’t use. I really loved the light blue packaging, so cute. I love the stickers because if you know me, I am sticker obsessed. 

Lemme know how you felt and if you got the package, or just the eyeshadow. Thanks so much for reading, stay purple. 


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