Laura Lee x Violet Voss

I had recently just starting following Laura Lee and I really have grown to like her. The past year of having to get to know her and hear about her palette, I really wanted to try it. I was sad I missed the first launch. I was debating on getting it when it relaunched and then Beauty Bay had a coupon for 15% off, so I figured why not. The shades are really beautiful and it’s even better in person. This was the first time I got anything by Violet Voss and I am extremely happy with it. 

Now let’s get into some swatches!

Swatches will be starting from the first row going across. Then it will start on the top of my arm going down. I will review each shade for you guys. 

First two rows of the palette:

Basic is a vanilla cream shade. It’s very light on me I’d use it as a brow bone color. 

Sugah is a shimmer cream shade. This is very light on me as well but I’d use it a brow bone or inner corner highlight. 

Priss Pot is a very neutral orange shade. It is also extremely light on me. I would use this is as an all over neutralizing shade. 

Mamma Bird is a brighter orange that actually shows up. This is a great transition shade or when you want to do a neutral look. 

Raga Muffin is a burnt orange shade. This is another great transition shade or to deepen up the crease. Larlee is such a beautiful shade. It’s a pinky peach duo chrome shade. This is a great highlight shade or shadow topper. 

Tickled Pink is a frosted pink shimmer shade. I’m not a huge pink fan but this shade is super pretty. Definitely great for highlight and accent shade. 

Hissy Fit is a gorgeous deep gold shade. 

Bitty is a really pretty shimmery bronze shade. 

1988 is one the prettiest shades. It looks plain but when you swatch it, it’s a pinky gold duo chrome shade. It is absolutely gorgeous. 

Last two rows of the palette:

Fleeky is a metallic yellow gold. 

Britches is another neutral tan shade. This is another great crease or all over lid color. 

Fried is like an olive shade. I like this shade because it’s a very unusual shade to put in a palette but I really like it. 

Yoshi is pretty duo chrome brown and green shade. 

Rammer Jamer is a really pretty metallic pinky red shade. Alabama is a brown shade. It has a bit of red undertone to it. Another good transition and crease shade. 

Whiskers is a dark brown shade. This is for those smokey eye transition shades. 

Bubs is an even deeper brown but less red and getting more grey undertoned. 

Smashlee is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a duo chrome teal and gold. It literally looks like a mermaid’s tail. 

Lou is a super matte black. I don’t know why but I don’t use black in my looks a lot. Or ever lol. I’m scared to use especially for smokey eyes. I don’t do smokey eyes much or ever. I’ll be brave and do it eventually. 

My overall review of the palette is that it’s absolutely amazing. I watched a lot of reviews of this palette and was very nervous about it. They said the matte shades were hard to use bit everything in this palette was like a dream. Every shade pigmented and velvety. Even though there were some extremely light shades in this palette, the shades weren’t chalky. 

So if you are debating this palette I say get it. Even if you don’t know Laura Lee. The shade selections are really different and there are a lot of gorgeous shades in here. There’s a lot of stuff I’d never think to put together and love it. 

Here are some looks I’ve done with the palette. 

I love that I was able to create some really neutral looks and some really fun ones as well. 

If you guys have this palette, let me know if worked out well for you. Thank you guys so much reading and stay purple. 


City Color Poolside Palette 

Have you ever bought so much makeup that you misplaced them or gave up and accepted that they were lost forever? That’s what I have done with this palette. Almost wondered if I even bought it at all. But then while I was cleaning, more like searching for what’s in my bed, and I found this palette! I love the colors and this palette from City Color Cosmetics totally caught my eye! It’s literally a summer palette. 

This palette is $13.99 and an online exclusive. I believe I got this when they were having a sale with some other stuff. So let’s jump right into this summer palette!


The first row:

 There definitely were some hit and misses in the palette. I will go in order from top down. 

Moonlight is a really pretty champagne color. Great for inner corner highlight or all over the face highlight. Super pigmented.

Suntan is also a really pretty shimmer shade. This can also be a great highlight for darker skin tones. Super pigmented golden shade. 

Nemo is a light orange shade. It has some shimmer to it but not a lot. This was very difficult shade to work with. I had to go over it several times to show its true color. 

Bikini is a really nice orchid color. This was another color that was difficult to show its true color. It’s softer than Nemo but still had to go over it a bunch of times. 

Poolside is a metallic teal shade. I really love this color. Very pigmented and not hard to deal with at all. 

Voyage is a very pretty light blue shimmer shade. Super pigmented and easy to work with. 

The second row:

Topless is literally a light nude side shade. You can barely see it on my skin. It’s a matte shade and it was pretty hard to build up on me. This would be an all over shade/ neutralizer. 

Coconuts is more a taupe brown shade. This another matte shade. It’s very neutral and light on me and I really have to work on building it to be a deep shade. 

Reef is a metallic orange shade. It’s really pretty and pigmented. 

Flamingo is a really pretty magenta shade and has a purple shift to it. It’s really pigmented. 

Seafoam is a metallic seagreen. It’s very pigmented shade. It kinda pills up and you have to even the shade out. 

Chillin’ is a true blue metallic shade. It’s very pigmented but also pills up. You really have to spread it out evenly. 

Overall there were some hit and misses to this palette. I haven’t used it yet so it may preform differently with a brush and primer. And I’d probably use a white base just to make sure some of the more difficult bright shade showed up better. 

Over all I really like this palette. I love the packaging and the idea of it. It’s a hard cardboard with a magnetic closure. The part wear the shadows sit are but boring. If they maybe carried out the reflective water print there or even an all blue shade. Either, it’s a really pretty palette. 

I hope this helps you when you’re shopping online! Thank you guys so much for reading and stay purple. 


NYX Cosmetics Custom Mini Palette

Recently some friends came to New York and we had a girls weekend. We stopped by the NYX store and I wasn’t going to buy anything but we all ended up getting a palette. It was a really good deal for the mini one, which hold four shadows. All together it came out to $13. That is super cheap. 

The single shadows are $4 each and the empty palette is $5. That comes out to $21 and with the deal it’s $12 and $13.08 with tax. Now that is a really good deal.  Will probably get this when I go next time or maybe get the bigger pan. That one holds 9. 

I’ll get into the colors and swatches. Lots of shiny! 


Mermaid is such a beautiful sea green color. It’s a nice duo chrome shade. 


Epic is a matte deep purple. They had some pretty purples and shades that we wanted but they only came in the singles and not the pro shades. I tried a million different purples and they were really chalky or streaky. This was the best one I could find. 


Voodoo is a brown with a green duo chrome. I just had to get this shade. It’s so beautiful and the green shift looks amazing. 

Glass Slipper: 

Glass Slipper is another beautiful green duo chrome. This shade is so beautiful. It’s super hard to capture on camera. All of us ended up getting this shade because it’s so pretty. It literally looks like fairy tales. 
I was really happy with the shades I chose. A lot of green and duo chrome shades. I just hope when we go back they have more of the shades I want in the pro singles. 

Hope this helped you guys out! The shadows are amazing, no fall out and super pigmented. Any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Lena Lashes Lemonade Highlighter Palette

A few weeks ago, Lena Lashes had a crazy deal on the Lemonade palette. Using a code they posted, you got the palette for $5. Originally $25, that’s hella good deal. Shipping is $6 bringing the total to $11 but that’s still a really good deal. I think it faintly smells like lemonade but I think it faded since I’ve got it. 

So let’s get right into swatches:


Bikini is a silver highlight that is blinding. It is super pigmented and this one has some kick up. 

Pool Party:

Pool Party is a warm golden highlight. 


Lemonade is a light yellow gold. 

Sweetie Pie:

Sweetie Pie is a deep gold highlight. This shade stood out right away like BAM! It hits ya. This one also has some kick up. 

I really like this palette a lot. The highlights are very soft, super pigmented, and very buildable. I feel like palette suits multiple skin tones which hard to do with just four shades. 

I am so happy I was able to get my hands on this! No regrets just super glowed up this summer. 

I believe I have Pool Party and Lemonade on in this photo but bad lighting. I wish you could see it better. 

I hope this has helped you guys out in anyway. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple. 

Kylighters- Banana Split & Salted Caramel

Listen, I know I know. I was so not a Kylie fan, still not, but a girl can crave things that are bad for her. And those would be the Kylighters. When these came out I said I’m waiting until round 5 to get them. Luckily I only had to wait to round 3. I was going to hold off on getting them but you got a free gift with purchase and this bitch is expensive so anything free I’ll take. So I got the two highlights I felt would look good on me and that was Banana Split and Salted Caramel. 

Then prepared to get disappointed because these weren’t the super poppin glow from outer space highlighters everyone was expecting. The reviews were disappointing if not daunting on those of us waiting for our packages to arrive. They looked amazing but very natural. And I ain’t no natural girl. However, they did look wet on the skin and buildable so we had some hope. 

Let’s jump into some swatches and you be the judge of whether or not these are worth your money. 

Kylighters- $22:

Banana Split:

Banana Split is a vibrant yellow gold. I haven’t worn this one yet so I’m not sure how it looks on the skin. I tried to show how buildable the highlighters are. 

Salted Caramel:

Salted Caramel is a warm midtone gold. I really like this one. It looks really great on and I can pack it on to make it more blinding. 

This is me wearing Salted Caramel. I really like it. I gotta test out Banana Split. I feel like the glow held up pretty well. You honestly have to layer it to get the effect that you want. 

Is it worth it? Ehhh…. I like them but it’s not something that you really need. If you love natural this is for you. I don’t have a lot of ‘normal’ shades, so I didn’t mind getting these. If you have a lot of these shades I say just skip it. Like nothing crazy to write home about. I do really like these shades but I’m not screaming over them. Especially at $22 each. 

I’m waiting to see what else she comes out with it. I do really love the monochromatic packaging. It really got me. I know she loves drips but I’m over the drip drop drop top lip print. The blushes came out and I was every excited for those. I may get Virginity because the ones I’m the Kylie’s Diary palette weren’t that pigmented and a bit hard to get on the brush. 

If you got the other shades let me know what you think about them. I hope this helped in making your decision. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Colour Pop’s Pressed Powder Duos 

I was debating on getting the rest of the face powders from the Colour Pop monochromatic makeup looks. And then the Alexis Ren x Colour Pop collab face palette finally came back in stock. And I spent a weekend making 6 boxes of cupcakes in one night and the next day I woke up feeling like hell. I decided I needed a treat and that treat was the three face powders. And I am so happy I got them! These babies are absolutely beautiful, I think I love them more than the pressed shadow release. Let’s get into swatches! 

Alexis Ren x Colour Pop:

This is the Alexis Ren Topaz palette. The Golden Moment is the bronzer that’s on top. The bronzer is a warm bronze shade. She’s Here to Stay is the highlighter. The highlighter is a pearlized true gold. The bronzer has a lot of kick up so you have to be careful. The highlight is absolutely amazing. When I say I was glowed up I was glowed all the way up. Definitely a favorite. This is chronically sold out so if you can get your hands on it, run don’t walk. I may get a back up of this. I love packaging, it’s a matte black. I just hate that it gets dirty so easily. As you can see lol. 

Double Play:

The Double Play palette is apart of the Sand collection. Getting Handsy is a warm nude matte blush. Padded Down is a warm champagne pearlized highlighter. I wasn’t sure about this one mostly because of the nude blush. I can like nude blushes from time to time but wasn’t sure if it would show up on my skin tone. I was mostly here for the highlighter. Now the highlight is absolutely stunning. I really love shade and look of this. The blush didn’t have a lot of kick up like the bronzer. Both shades are really soft and buildable. 

Done Deal:

The Done Deal palette is apart of the pink collection. Above & Beyond is a warm pink matte blush. Made Me Do It is a champagne pink in a pearlized highlighter. I really love pink blushes so I was super excited for this palette. And pink highlighters aren’t exactly what I run for but this shade is really beautiful and ya can’t sleep on it. 

These are the palettes swatched in order and I added the Nectar one at the end. 

I really love these palettes so much. I love the super shock but in the blushes I always always feel like I’m rubbing them off more than on. That’s my problem with all cream blushes. The highlighters I will forever love but I can never get over a pressed powder. Pressed blushes are my jam, to quote Jordan, and these are so pigmented. I never doubted their highlighter skills but these are amazing. They are literally glow from outer space, they look wet on the skin, they last super long. I wore the Alexis highlight and it basically lasted all day. And I was running around the city from 12 pm. 

These face products are amazing. Please don’t sleep on these. I can’t wait for Colour Pop to come out with more. If they do purple I will surely die, running head over tails trying to get my hands on it.  

The only thing I didn’t like is that it didn’t have the names on them. For the Alexis Ren it did but I assume that because of the limited edition packaging and it being one option they can do that. But I guess for every other one they will have the standard white and is probably easier to mass produce without the names embossed on to the back. However they could’ve put it on the back with a sticker like they do everything else. They have it on the sleeve the set comes in but I already lost one and it’s pretty inconvenient to keep that on. So now I don’t know which palette is which without opening all of them. So they need to fix that. I am happy comes with a mirror. 

Hope this helps you guys out in making your decision. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

April- Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

I know I know I’m super late with bringing what’s going in this months beauty box. I’m still trying to shake off this do nothing depression and anxiety business, but ya know how it is. One step forward and two steps back. 

So let’s no waste any more time and get right down into swatches. 

April Beauty Box:

1. Blush in Georgia Peach- $12:

Georgia Peach is a shimmery peach blush. I tend to stay away from peach and coral blushes. It doesn’t look bad on my skin but I just prefer brighter blushes. This is the only blush I didn’t own before in the loose version. It’s very pretty, blendable and buildable. 

2. Eyeliner brush- $9:

I really like this brush. It has a thin tapered top and I’ll probably use this for concealing the brow or inner corner highlight. 

3. Eye Dust in Helter Skelter- $7:

Helter Skelter is a blackened navy with a light blue shift. This color is really beautiful. It reminds me of a peacock feather or an oil sick. It’s 1.5 grams and comes with a shifter. 

4. Eyeliner Seal- $8:

I never had an eyeliner seal or a mixing medium before so this was cool to receive. I didn’t even know they made this. As you can see I tried to give it a go on my arm. 

This months’ total: $36

All of Medusa’s Makeup are vegan and cruelty free. I have code for 15% off your order until May 31st: Pink. Visit to get these goodies or some others you may like. 

Hope this has helped you guys in deciding whether or not to get this beauty box. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple.