City Color Timeless Beauty PaletteĀ 

City Color is one of my favorite drugstore brands. There are certain products I love from them and always get. Their brow gels and blushes are definitely my favorite. They have recently came out with a lot of new things and really stepped up their game. I hope to try them in the future but right now I’m trying to finish what I have. 

But this palette is the one thing I had my eye on for awhile. It came out awhile ago but just never got around to getting it. It’s $20, probably one of their more pricier items. I love the packaging, it’s gold and sleek. It looks super fancy. I love the huge mirror it has inside, I’m a sucker for mirrors. It comes with four blushes and three highlights. Let’s get down to swatches. 

Beauty for the Ages: Make Me Blush:Blush #1: The first blush is a burnt orange shade. I love weird blushes like this, more orange and red shades. Very pigmented. 

Blush #2: This blush is more of a coral shade but a bit deeper than most coral shades. This one is very pigmented as well. 

Blush #3: This blush is a blue toned pink. I love these types of shades for my cheeks. This is very pigmented as well. 

Blush #4: This shade is a very light pinky nude. It’s a little shimmery. This shade is extremely light and probably too light for me. Swatching this I had to layer it up a bunch of times. It kinda kept disappearing on me, maybe it would show up more on my face. 

Shine On:lHighlight #1: This first highlight is deep gold, at least on my skin tone. It’s almost matches my skin, better for those no makeup makeup days. 

Highlight #2: This is a brighter gold, almost copper. It’s a really pretty shade. 

Highlight #3: This shade is more unique, it’s more of a deep mauve shade. It’s purple in certain lights but more muted and  wearable. 

I really like this palette a lot. The blush range is very diverse as well as the highlights. I feel like they really considered all skin tones when creating this. They’re all very pigmented and velvety. They blend very well and had no trouble using this palette at all. It does a scent, like how beauty counters smell. Light and powdery.I used blush #1 and highlight #2. I used it to highlight my whole face and I feel it went perfectly with this look especially the blush. I used the Yes, Please! palette on my eyes. 

My only critique of this palette is that it doesn’t have any names! I love when people put names for shades. I already love their blushes, I have almost all of them. They are some of my favorite to use and so pigmented. I wish they would come out with more highlights because I really like this formula. I believe that they are coming out with some but they might be cream. 

I really thope his helps you guys out. Thank you so much for reading. Let me know if you have tried any of the new City Color products. Stay purple.