Colour Pop Yes, Please! Palette

Colour Pop has been beyond thinking of ways to make sure they get all the money from our paychecks. It has been non stop rain of terror on my heart strings. I almost threw my phone out the window. Beyond the new pressed palettes, there’s been setting sprays, liquid highlighters, and the Fem Rosa collection. It has just been so overwhelming and I hate feeling like I’m ordering every week. But I love Colour Pop, it’s hard not be addicted. 

But the most anticipated and hardest to get your hands on is the Yes, Please! pressed palette. This is Colour Pop’s first pressed eyeshadow palette. I just had to get my hands on it. I just wanted it and didn’t want to wait. First round was a bust, but second round I made sure to prepare. I gave my friend all my information, and she was able to get it. I later asked her how fast it sold out, and she told me 4 minutes! That’s freaking crazy! I’m so glad we prepped because I did not want to wait again and do this whole sell out in 2 mins business. Too stressful. 

So let’s get down to the swatches. 

White lines and black beaches: Swatches going left to right, the first row:Full Zip: matte warm ivory- this shade was extremely pigmented for being such a light shade

Big Cocktails: matte orange- pigmented, one swipe

Champs: matte pale peachy nude- I had to go over this shade and idk it didn’t work on my skin tone, just disappeared on me 

Bling: metallic rust- so pigmented, beautifulLouie: metallic duochrome red with a gold flip- so pigmented and omg that duochrome

Butter Cake: metallic pale yellow gold- this is a really beautiful highlight shade 

Spoiled: matte brick red- had to go over this shade but pigmented

GNO: matte burnt orange- dittoMischief: matte warm yellow- this was one of the least pigmented shades for me. So excited for  this yellow so was kinda disappointed. I went over it a bunch of times so I can’t even say it’s buildable. But definitely need a white base and this will show up better 

Note to Self: matte warm caramel- I had to go over it but pigmented. I love shades like this because it’s almost my skin tone and makes a good all over shade or crease color

Chauffeur: metallic duochrome bright orange with a gold flip- now this isn’t a disappointing yellow, beautiful

French Kiss: matte deep red brown- the most pigmented matte shade 

This palette is $16 which isn’t bad at all. Like I can’t tell you the last time that’s all I paid for a palette. You get 12 eyeshadows and they’re slightly smaller than their shadow singles, but that’s fine with me. What really drew me to the palette were the colors. I love color palettes but I tend to stick to more cool toned shades especially purples. So when the whole reds and warm palettes became a trend, I was happy because it helped me explore the other color spectrum. I will never get tired of these palettes because I have about maybe four warm palettes compared to all my other crazy colorful ones. 

Anyway, I just loves how bright these shades were. All the metallic shades in the palette were buttery and super pigmented. No problems with them at all. Some of the matte shades were more tricky. I did have to go over them to help a little with pigmentation and make the swatch even throughout. So that’s not bad, just gotta redip your brush. Some mattes just weren’t working on my skin at all. The pigmentation just wasn’t there for me. Mischief was one of the weakest along with Champs. The most pigmented and  buttery of the mattes was  French Kiss and then Full Zip. I wish  Mischief was like these two but oh well. The reason why we don’t see a lot of palettes like these because these shades are hard to make with great pigmentation. So for $16 I am not mad at all. The metallic shades more than make up the rest. But the other matte shades are amazing and cannot wait to work with. I swatche all these with my  finger, no primer. I hope this was helpful to guys in any way. Feel free to ask me any questions. I know a restock is coming up soon. I do want to get my hands on some of their newer launches but I need a break. And now they’re coming out with brushes and concealers. I’m exhausted. Let me know if you plan on trying to snag this or any of the new new stuff. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple.