ILUVSARAHII X Colour Pop and Other Shades

Hey loves, really wish I was blogging more but this weather has me all over. With half of the time it being well above the 90s and the rest of the time in the 70s, me and my room were deciding whether or not to go up in flames or hibernate. Either way I am trying my best to stay updated on whatever stuff I have lying around waiting for me to try. And some new new stuff that I’ve been getting and loving. 

I bought some of the Colour Pop’s pressed shadows when they were on sale for $4. I believe that sale is still going on. I got the $AUCY palette from the ILUVSARAHII X Colour Pop collab. I only got this one because I like the shades, especially the purples of course. I didn’t get any else from the collection because it didn’t speak to me and I most likely have shades like this already. Then I got a few random shades that they launched for the summer. I like to get them so my order can qualify for free shipping and I like getting a free palette with the shadows. 

So let’s get started with this random assortment of shadows. 

$AUCY:Heavy Glam:Heavy Glam is a vibrant duochrome orange with a pink flip. This shade is really beautiful. I can’t get a good enough picture of it. The duochrome is amazing, this is perfect for those peach looks. 

Chic Happens:Chic Happens is a matte cool mauve. I really love this shade. Kind of like a pressed form of Tang, but a bit darker. I live for cool toned purples in for my crease shades. 

Lit:Lit is a vibrant metallic purple. I am most excited for this shade, it’s purple, it’s metallic, it’s amazing. This shade is probably the only reason why I bought this palette. 

Razy:Razy is a matte blackened plum. This shade is hella pigmented and dark. I love it for if I ever wanted to do a purple smokey eye. It did feel a little grainy when I swatched but doesn’t effect the pigmentation. 

Summer  shades:Sea Stars:Sea Stars is a matte medium brown. I really like shades like this for my crease.

Tiki: Tiki is a matte warm yellow with flecks of gold. It’s a really pretty shade, but it’s a bit transparent when you swatch it. This was after a few swipes so it’s buildable. 

Muscle Beach:  Muscle Beach is a matte vibrant teal. Omg this matte shade is amazing. This is one swipe, so pigmented. 

Tiny Tangerines: Tiny Tangerines is a satin teal. This shade was buttery and very pigmented. 

Two Piece: Two Piece is a rich navy in a satin finish. This shade was a little stiff but very pigmented. It stained a little. I love every shade I got. None of them were completely horrible. Pretty much all of them were pigmented and easy to work with. I kind of prefer the first version of the palettes. I know Color Pop said the palettes would constantly change, but I love the first one. It had a little window so you kinda see inside the palette. Especially, as you can see, I like to rip out the styrofoam so I can make room for more shades. So instead of holding 4 shades, it holds 10. So you have a mini shadow palette holder for free. I did get the small empty palette from Colour Pop and it holds all my other shadows. And also because I use these palettes for other loose shadows I have. 

What I so like about this palette is the Colour logo all over. I love the embossing on the front and inside. 

Anyway hope you guys liked this mini swatching. Colour Pop has so much stuff its releasing it’s hard to keep up. So let’s all try and enjoy the Colour Pop goodies we so have before we go crazy to trying to get all the new stuff. 

Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 


Colour Pop Yes, Please! Palette

Colour Pop has been beyond thinking of ways to make sure they get all the money from our paychecks. It has been non stop rain of terror on my heart strings. I almost threw my phone out the window. Beyond the new pressed palettes, there’s been setting sprays, liquid highlighters, and the Fem Rosa collection. It has just been so overwhelming and I hate feeling like I’m ordering every week. But I love Colour Pop, it’s hard not be addicted. 

But the most anticipated and hardest to get your hands on is the Yes, Please! pressed palette. This is Colour Pop’s first pressed eyeshadow palette. I just had to get my hands on it. I just wanted it and didn’t want to wait. First round was a bust, but second round I made sure to prepare. I gave my friend all my information, and she was able to get it. I later asked her how fast it sold out, and she told me 4 minutes! That’s freaking crazy! I’m so glad we prepped because I did not want to wait again and do this whole sell out in 2 mins business. Too stressful. 

So let’s get down to the swatches. 

White lines and black beaches: Swatches going left to right, the first row:Full Zip: matte warm ivory- this shade was extremely pigmented for being such a light shade

Big Cocktails: matte orange- pigmented, one swipe

Champs: matte pale peachy nude- I had to go over this shade and idk it didn’t work on my skin tone, just disappeared on me 

Bling: metallic rust- so pigmented, beautifulLouie: metallic duochrome red with a gold flip- so pigmented and omg that duochrome

Butter Cake: metallic pale yellow gold- this is a really beautiful highlight shade 

Spoiled: matte brick red- had to go over this shade but pigmented

GNO: matte burnt orange- dittoMischief: matte warm yellow- this was one of the least pigmented shades for me. So excited for  this yellow so was kinda disappointed. I went over it a bunch of times so I can’t even say it’s buildable. But definitely need a white base and this will show up better 

Note to Self: matte warm caramel- I had to go over it but pigmented. I love shades like this because it’s almost my skin tone and makes a good all over shade or crease color

Chauffeur: metallic duochrome bright orange with a gold flip- now this isn’t a disappointing yellow, beautiful

French Kiss: matte deep red brown- the most pigmented matte shade 

This palette is $16 which isn’t bad at all. Like I can’t tell you the last time that’s all I paid for a palette. You get 12 eyeshadows and they’re slightly smaller than their shadow singles, but that’s fine with me. What really drew me to the palette were the colors. I love color palettes but I tend to stick to more cool toned shades especially purples. So when the whole reds and warm palettes became a trend, I was happy because it helped me explore the other color spectrum. I will never get tired of these palettes because I have about maybe four warm palettes compared to all my other crazy colorful ones. 

Anyway, I just loves how bright these shades were. All the metallic shades in the palette were buttery and super pigmented. No problems with them at all. Some of the matte shades were more tricky. I did have to go over them to help a little with pigmentation and make the swatch even throughout. So that’s not bad, just gotta redip your brush. Some mattes just weren’t working on my skin at all. The pigmentation just wasn’t there for me. Mischief was one of the weakest along with Champs. The most pigmented and  buttery of the mattes was  French Kiss and then Full Zip. I wish  Mischief was like these two but oh well. The reason why we don’t see a lot of palettes like these because these shades are hard to make with great pigmentation. So for $16 I am not mad at all. The metallic shades more than make up the rest. But the other matte shades are amazing and cannot wait to work with. I swatche all these with my  finger, no primer. I hope this was helpful to guys in any way. Feel free to ask me any questions. I know a restock is coming up soon. I do want to get my hands on some of their newer launches but I need a break. And now they’re coming out with brushes and concealers. I’m exhausted. Let me know if you plan on trying to snag this or any of the new new stuff. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

I Like Your Face 

Colour Pop dropped two pressed palettes that basically broke the internet and my heart. I hate their launches because it’s 10 am California time and that’s 1pm New York time. And I’m usually working so it’s hard for me to get way to place an order. The pressed eyeshadow palette went like so fast but I managed to get it the second round by having my friend make the order for me. I cannot wait to review it as it sold out within 4 minutes. That’s so crazy. 

But onto the face palette, their first pressed highlighting palette. It’s called Gimme More! I don’t know why the front of the palette says I Like Your Face and the real name of the palette is Gimme More! A little confusing but whatever. I just had to have this palette because it’s Colour Pop, it’s pressed, it looks gorgeous. I need it, have to have it. And I knew the highlights would be bomb af because of the face palettes the came out with. The shades look a bit crazy but girl trust and believe me!!! No regrets. 

Gimme More!- $18:

Extra:  Extra is a pale gold. 

Upgrade:Upgrade is a baby pink. 

Bottemless:Bottemless is a tangerine with a gold flip. 

Full Service: Full Service is a pink with a gold flip. 

Bigger and Better:Bigger and Better is a champagne. 

Total Package:Total Package is metallic rose gold. For this look I used Extra for the inner corner highlight, Upgrade on the  brow bone, and Full Service on the rest of my face. 

This look I used Upgrade on the brow bone and Bottomless all over the rest of my face. 

This palette is extremely extremely gorgeous. You will not regret it at all. I fell more in love in this palette than I thought I would. It’s definitely brown girl friendly because I swatched on my friend who has a deeper skin tone and she really loved it. 

And as highlights go, you can use this on your face, body, and make amazing eyeshadows. They are 0.13 oz which is 0.02 oz less than the 6 pans in ABH Glow Kits. That’s not bad at all for $18 and to get some unique shades. This is like a summer face palette to me. 

They are restocking very soon and I hope you get your hands on it! 

Thanks so much for reading. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Stay purple. 

Colour Pop’s 3rd Birthday

Colour Pop celebrated its 3rd birthday and as usual, they came out with their limited edition eyeshadow and packaging. But this year they came out with a whole collection. This years collection came with 4 pressed shadows, 3 ultra glossy lips, a super shock highligher, and a sticker sheet. It didn’t come with the eyeshadow, but you did get it free with a $35 purchase, and the packet was $35. 

I was so happy to get my hands on this collection, the packaging was so cute. And I love getting their birthday shadows. The birthday collection is one of my fav things they release. Let’s get into some swatches! 

Make A Wish: 

Pressed Shadows: The Big 3, Cakewalk, Rager, Party Favors I really really love the pressed shadows. They are like these light duochrome shades that look amazing. They are so pigmented and look like fairy lights on your face. 

Birthday Cake & Blow Me Out:

I really loved these two guys and I was soooo excited they came out with a highlighter too. It’s a really nice golden shade, very glowy. 

Comparisons of Birthday Girl, Birthday Boy, Birthday Cake:Birthday Girl is more of a gold shade, Birthday Boy is a bronze with purple sparkles, and Birthday Cake is pink with silver shimmer. 

Ultra Glossy Lips: RSVP, Bash, Wishes RSVP:I really like this shade the best. The least goopy and overwhelming. And I love the duochrome shade. 

Bash:My least favorite of the shades. I hate pink and even tho this isn’t neon, I still don’t really like it. 

Wishes:I really like this shade, it’s purple, it’s duochrome. But it’s very goopy. Only thing I don’t like. 

Sticker Sheet:

Did you guys get this collection? I really loved it and love that they came out with a whole collection. The only thing I didn’t like is that you couldn’t get the certain pieces of the collection. Like I most likely wouldn’t have gotten the glosses. I rarely use lip gloss so as shiny as they are, I don’t want to get more of what I won’t use. I really loved the light blue packaging, so cute. I love the stickers because if you know me, I am sticker obsessed. 

Lemme know how you felt and if you got the package, or just the eyeshadow. Thanks so much for reading, stay purple. 

Colour Pop’s Pressed Powder Duos 

I was debating on getting the rest of the face powders from the Colour Pop monochromatic makeup looks. And then the Alexis Ren x Colour Pop collab face palette finally came back in stock. And I spent a weekend making 6 boxes of cupcakes in one night and the next day I woke up feeling like hell. I decided I needed a treat and that treat was the three face powders. And I am so happy I got them! These babies are absolutely beautiful, I think I love them more than the pressed shadow release. Let’s get into swatches! 

Alexis Ren x Colour Pop:

This is the Alexis Ren Topaz palette. The Golden Moment is the bronzer that’s on top. The bronzer is a warm bronze shade. She’s Here to Stay is the highlighter. The highlighter is a pearlized true gold. The bronzer has a lot of kick up so you have to be careful. The highlight is absolutely amazing. When I say I was glowed up I was glowed all the way up. Definitely a favorite. This is chronically sold out so if you can get your hands on it, run don’t walk. I may get a back up of this. I love packaging, it’s a matte black. I just hate that it gets dirty so easily. As you can see lol. 

Double Play:

The Double Play palette is apart of the Sand collection. Getting Handsy is a warm nude matte blush. Padded Down is a warm champagne pearlized highlighter. I wasn’t sure about this one mostly because of the nude blush. I can like nude blushes from time to time but wasn’t sure if it would show up on my skin tone. I was mostly here for the highlighter. Now the highlight is absolutely stunning. I really love shade and look of this. The blush didn’t have a lot of kick up like the bronzer. Both shades are really soft and buildable. 

Done Deal:

The Done Deal palette is apart of the pink collection. Above & Beyond is a warm pink matte blush. Made Me Do It is a champagne pink in a pearlized highlighter. I really love pink blushes so I was super excited for this palette. And pink highlighters aren’t exactly what I run for but this shade is really beautiful and ya can’t sleep on it. 

These are the palettes swatched in order and I added the Nectar one at the end. 

I really love these palettes so much. I love the super shock but in the blushes I always always feel like I’m rubbing them off more than on. That’s my problem with all cream blushes. The highlighters I will forever love but I can never get over a pressed powder. Pressed blushes are my jam, to quote Jordan, and these are so pigmented. I never doubted their highlighter skills but these are amazing. They are literally glow from outer space, they look wet on the skin, they last super long. I wore the Alexis highlight and it basically lasted all day. And I was running around the city from 12 pm. 

These face products are amazing. Please don’t sleep on these. I can’t wait for Colour Pop to come out with more. If they do purple I will surely die, running head over tails trying to get my hands on it.  

The only thing I didn’t like is that it didn’t have the names on them. For the Alexis Ren it did but I assume that because of the limited edition packaging and it being one option they can do that. But I guess for every other one they will have the standard white and is probably easier to mass produce without the names embossed on to the back. However they could’ve put it on the back with a sticker like they do everything else. They have it on the sleeve the set comes in but I already lost one and it’s pretty inconvenient to keep that on. So now I don’t know which palette is which without opening all of them. So they need to fix that. I am happy comes with a mirror. 

Hope this helps you guys out in making your decision. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Colour Pop Nectar 

For spring Colour Pop had decided to come out three separate collections that are on trend for spring. They’re doing tonal monochromatic makeup looks which was definitely on trend with fashion. These light wash of colors are definitely spring appropriate. I’m not a huge orange person but I don’t mind it in shadows and blushes. However not for lipsticks. I have very yellow undertones and yellow and orange don’t mix unless it’s Halloween. 

However, I still found some shades that were absolutely calling me name saying, orange you glad you got some nectar?

Now let’s get into some swatches:


Sauvage is a duo chrome peach with a hot pink flip. This shade was so hard to capture and it absolutely gorgeous. This could be a great highlight on the face, brow bone, and inner corner. Great on the lid for a pop of color. I love this shade so much. 


Cut-Outs is a dusty coral. I really love this shade. Great for making those orange eye looks a bit deeper. 

One By One:

One By One is a pastel peach. I really like this as a topper on top of eyeshadows and even as an all over highlight. 

I really love these shades. I chose them because they weren’t so obviously orange. They are absolutely gorgeous and workable for any look. 

The Knockout:

Excuse My French is a matte blush in a soft peach. Like To Watch is a pearlized highlighter, a peach with a duochrome gold flip. These are very buildable and soft. I really love the highlighter, it’s so gorgeous. The bottom swatch is the shades on top of each other. The blush is really growing on me. I’m so happy with it. When they release more of these, my wallet is going to be in trouble. 

Overall, I really love the pieces I got from the collection. All I want from the pink collection is the blush set. I’m a sucker for pinks blushes. Only pink stuff I like. 

Thank you guys for reading. Hope this helped out when deciding what to get. If you get anything it really should be the face set. Stay purple!