City Color Timeless Beauty Palette 

City Color is one of my favorite drugstore brands. There are certain products I love from them and always get. Their brow gels and blushes are definitely my favorite. They have recently came out with a lot of new things and really stepped up their game. I hope to try them in the future but right now I’m trying to finish what I have. 

But this palette is the one thing I had my eye on for awhile. It came out awhile ago but just never got around to getting it. It’s $20, probably one of their more pricier items. I love the packaging, it’s gold and sleek. It looks super fancy. I love the huge mirror it has inside, I’m a sucker for mirrors. It comes with four blushes and three highlights. Let’s get down to swatches. 

Beauty for the Ages: Make Me Blush:Blush #1: The first blush is a burnt orange shade. I love weird blushes like this, more orange and red shades. Very pigmented. 

Blush #2: This blush is more of a coral shade but a bit deeper than most coral shades. This one is very pigmented as well. 

Blush #3: This blush is a blue toned pink. I love these types of shades for my cheeks. This is very pigmented as well. 

Blush #4: This shade is a very light pinky nude. It’s a little shimmery. This shade is extremely light and probably too light for me. Swatching this I had to layer it up a bunch of times. It kinda kept disappearing on me, maybe it would show up more on my face. 

Shine On:lHighlight #1: This first highlight is deep gold, at least on my skin tone. It’s almost matches my skin, better for those no makeup makeup days. 

Highlight #2: This is a brighter gold, almost copper. It’s a really pretty shade. 

Highlight #3: This shade is more unique, it’s more of a deep mauve shade. It’s purple in certain lights but more muted and  wearable. 

I really like this palette a lot. The blush range is very diverse as well as the highlights. I feel like they really considered all skin tones when creating this. They’re all very pigmented and velvety. They blend very well and had no trouble using this palette at all. It does a scent, like how beauty counters smell. Light and powdery.I used blush #1 and highlight #2. I used it to highlight my whole face and I feel it went perfectly with this look especially the blush. I used the Yes, Please! palette on my eyes. 

My only critique of this palette is that it doesn’t have any names! I love when people put names for shades. I already love their blushes, I have almost all of them. They are some of my favorite to use and so pigmented. I wish they would come out with more highlights because I really like this formula. I believe that they are coming out with some but they might be cream. 

I really thope his helps you guys out. Thank you so much for reading. Let me know if you have tried any of the new City Color products. Stay purple. 


I Like Your Face 

Colour Pop dropped two pressed palettes that basically broke the internet and my heart. I hate their launches because it’s 10 am California time and that’s 1pm New York time. And I’m usually working so it’s hard for me to get way to place an order. The pressed eyeshadow palette went like so fast but I managed to get it the second round by having my friend make the order for me. I cannot wait to review it as it sold out within 4 minutes. That’s so crazy. 

But onto the face palette, their first pressed highlighting palette. It’s called Gimme More! I don’t know why the front of the palette says I Like Your Face and the real name of the palette is Gimme More! A little confusing but whatever. I just had to have this palette because it’s Colour Pop, it’s pressed, it looks gorgeous. I need it, have to have it. And I knew the highlights would be bomb af because of the face palettes the came out with. The shades look a bit crazy but girl trust and believe me!!! No regrets. 

Gimme More!- $18:

Extra:  Extra is a pale gold. 

Upgrade:Upgrade is a baby pink. 

Bottemless:Bottemless is a tangerine with a gold flip. 

Full Service: Full Service is a pink with a gold flip. 

Bigger and Better:Bigger and Better is a champagne. 

Total Package:Total Package is metallic rose gold. For this look I used Extra for the inner corner highlight, Upgrade on the  brow bone, and Full Service on the rest of my face. 

This look I used Upgrade on the brow bone and Bottomless all over the rest of my face. 

This palette is extremely extremely gorgeous. You will not regret it at all. I fell more in love in this palette than I thought I would. It’s definitely brown girl friendly because I swatched on my friend who has a deeper skin tone and she really loved it. 

And as highlights go, you can use this on your face, body, and make amazing eyeshadows. They are 0.13 oz which is 0.02 oz less than the 6 pans in ABH Glow Kits. That’s not bad at all for $18 and to get some unique shades. This is like a summer face palette to me. 

They are restocking very soon and I hope you get your hands on it! 

Thanks so much for reading. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Stay purple. 

Lime Crime Hi-Lite: Opals

When Lime Crime came out with highlighters, it was just mean. Mean because Lime Crime is so extra and you knew these would be hella extra too. Mean because I knew it’d make my wallet hurt. And mean because I know I’d have no choice but to get them. I really love unconventional highlighters because I’m weird and also that’s what I would create if I had the chance. 

And these highlighters are really different because they are iridescent. The holographic nature in them is beyond. I wish I had a camera to be able to capture how amazing these are. I wore this one night and literally went crazy putting it all over my face. And of course on those beat face nights is when you can never get a good picture. 

Pink:Gold: Peach:

These are formulated to be translucent in the base and then come to life once it’s on your skin. They are calling these milky shades that adapt to every type of skin tone once applied. These are vegan and cruelty free. The packaging is so beautiful, a hard material with a magnetic closure. The package itself is so holographic and beautiful, I’m not sure how I’ll ever be able to throw it away. Each highlight is 0.25 oz, which is 0.01 smaller than the pans in the ABH quad Glow Kits. So you’re definitely getting a good amount of product. 

These are very soft and super pigmented. As you can see, you can blend out the product and build it up. The first set of swatches I wanted to sheer them out to show how they would look blended on the face. The second half were finger swatches to show exactly the type of pigmentation you’re dealing with. 

And who is about the mermaid collection?? I know I definitely am. I swear Lime Crime wants all our money and they ain’t sorry about it. Let me know if you bought any their Hi-Lites and if you got the mermaid collection. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple. 

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter 

Too Faced finally got in on the highlighter band wagon. I’m not a huge Too Faced fan, I think all their palettes look the same. But I really have fallen in love with their blushes and liquid lipsticks. And these highlighters totally stole my heart. I love the design of these so much, the packaging is just ridiculous. I didn’t care if it worked or not I just know I needed it. 

I got two of the shades, Ray of Light and You Light Up My Life. I want to get all eventually but I felt these shades would look best on me. 

Let’s light it up!:

Ray of Light:

Ray of Light is a rose gold highlight shade. 

You Light Up My Life: 

You Light Up My Life is a gold highlight shade. 
These are 0.32 oz each and $30. This is definitely up there with my more expensive highlights. I know the lighting on these pictures are very wonky but the chrome of packaging made it so difficult to capture! I absolutely love love love the heart shaped compact. Has a mirror, and a magnetic snap closure. The product itself is shaped like diamond facets with the logo initials branded on them. 

The formula is a combination of powder,  liquid, cream, and baked formulations. This is an Italian liquid to powder formulation. The pearls aren’t crushed but kept whole to reflect light from any angle. The feeling of the highlight is extremely soft and melts onto the skin. I know a lot of people were upset because it wasn’t a super blinding highlight. This is definitely one of the more subtle ones that released this year. But you can always build it up. 

I do like a hella blinding glow but I’m not mad at these. And you can always wear it wet, and build build build. The gold is definitely the more pigmented of the two. 

I can’t wait to actually wear these. Let me know if you picked any up and how you like them. If you have  questions feel free to ask. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlight

Omg y’all are killing me!!! Melt Cosmetics has come out with three of their own highlighters. They are called Digital Dust highlights and these are not branded to be your typical highlighter. These aren’t made to be Instagram poppin’ but more red carpet ready. This was made for MUAs who wanted to give their clients a more wearable glow. And they wanted to bring this to us. 

Now let’s glow to town:

So, you can see, straight on it’s not very full blown blinding. But gurl turn to the side and bam! I love it. This is when you want to be high fashion glow. Like you’re going somewhere super fancy or maybe you don’t want blind everyone that day. You want a low key glow.

I got one in the shade Gold Ore. I’m trying so hard to be good but Melt got me. I just had to try one. They are $39 and 8 grams. It is probably one of the most expensive highlights that I own. Especially a single highlighter. I’ve bought sets that were this much but you’re getting multiple highlights. 

Anyway, I completely understand why it is this much. First, of all, indie companies I understand their pricing because it’s literally just them. It’s a small operation that’s completely organic. Not coming from corporate, and charts, and trend reports. And I must say these are really big. I love the size of the compact and it is really smooth and matte. Totally on brand. Comes with the mirror and the highlighters are imprinted with the Melt logo that have had on previous shippers. I absolutely love it. It’s so beautiful. 

The closure is a magnetic snap close so you don’t have to worry about the closure wearing down. Also the formula is very high end. From what I can remember, Lora Arellano said it is combination of some of her favorite highlight formulas from brands such as Estee Lauder. So for me that’s enough for me to pick these up. I know they put a lot of work into making sure we got something really high quality. 

I’m debating on getting the other two. Maybe in the future but there’s too much makeup right now. They are driving me crazy. 

Let me know if you picked any up and how you feel about them. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading and stay purple. 

Lena Lashes Lemonade Highlighter Palette

A few weeks ago, Lena Lashes had a crazy deal on the Lemonade palette. Using a code they posted, you got the palette for $5. Originally $25, that’s hella good deal. Shipping is $6 bringing the total to $11 but that’s still a really good deal. I think it faintly smells like lemonade but I think it faded since I’ve got it. 

So let’s get right into swatches:


Bikini is a silver highlight that is blinding. It is super pigmented and this one has some kick up. 

Pool Party:

Pool Party is a warm golden highlight. 


Lemonade is a light yellow gold. 

Sweetie Pie:

Sweetie Pie is a deep gold highlight. This shade stood out right away like BAM! It hits ya. This one also has some kick up. 

I really like this palette a lot. The highlights are very soft, super pigmented, and very buildable. I feel like palette suits multiple skin tones which hard to do with just four shades. 

I am so happy I was able to get my hands on this! No regrets just super glowed up this summer. 

I believe I have Pool Party and Lemonade on in this photo but bad lighting. I wish you could see it better. 

I hope this has helped you guys out in anyway. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple. 

Love Luxe Beauty- Immortality Highlighter 

I’ve been following Love Luxe Beauty for awhile and been wanting to order from them forever. When I saw the Immortality highlighter, I knew I had to have it. They had free shipping and decided to jump on it. It was $12 and it’s a pretty big. It’s 5.5 grams and comes in a magnetic pan. Let’s get right into swatches. 


Immortality is a gorgeous lilac with a gold shift. I’m in love with this purple duochrome, the gold in it super amazing. 

On the skin it’s not blatantly purple because the gold shift takes over when you blend it out. If you want the straight purple I’d apply with a finger or brush with one  swipe, not blending it. Either way I love it. It’s a gorgeous color. I would love to use this as an eyeshadow. The formula is really nice. 

Do you guys have anything by Love Luxe Beauty? I always wanted to try more of their highlighters. Let me know. Hope this helped. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

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