ILUVSARAHII X Colour Pop and Other Shades

Hey loves, really wish I was blogging more but this weather has me all over. With half of the time it being well above the 90s and the rest of the time in the 70s, me and my room were deciding whether or not to go up in flames or hibernate. Either way I am trying my best to stay updated on whatever stuff I have lying around waiting for me to try. And some new new stuff that I’ve been getting and loving. 

I bought some of the Colour Pop’s pressed shadows when they were on sale for $4. I believe that sale is still going on. I got the $AUCY palette from the ILUVSARAHII X Colour Pop collab. I only got this one because I like the shades, especially the purples of course. I didn’t get any else from the collection because it didn’t speak to me and I most likely have shades like this already. Then I got a few random shades that they launched for the summer. I like to get them so my order can qualify for free shipping and I like getting a free palette with the shadows. 

So let’s get started with this random assortment of shadows. 

$AUCY:Heavy Glam:Heavy Glam is a vibrant duochrome orange with a pink flip. This shade is really beautiful. I can’t get a good enough picture of it. The duochrome is amazing, this is perfect for those peach looks. 

Chic Happens:Chic Happens is a matte cool mauve. I really love this shade. Kind of like a pressed form of Tang, but a bit darker. I live for cool toned purples in for my crease shades. 

Lit:Lit is a vibrant metallic purple. I am most excited for this shade, it’s purple, it’s metallic, it’s amazing. This shade is probably the only reason why I bought this palette. 

Razy:Razy is a matte blackened plum. This shade is hella pigmented and dark. I love it for if I ever wanted to do a purple smokey eye. It did feel a little grainy when I swatched but doesn’t effect the pigmentation. 

Summer  shades:Sea Stars:Sea Stars is a matte medium brown. I really like shades like this for my crease.

Tiki: Tiki is a matte warm yellow with flecks of gold. It’s a really pretty shade, but it’s a bit transparent when you swatch it. This was after a few swipes so it’s buildable. 

Muscle Beach:  Muscle Beach is a matte vibrant teal. Omg this matte shade is amazing. This is one swipe, so pigmented. 

Tiny Tangerines: Tiny Tangerines is a satin teal. This shade was buttery and very pigmented. 

Two Piece: Two Piece is a rich navy in a satin finish. This shade was a little stiff but very pigmented. It stained a little. I love every shade I got. None of them were completely horrible. Pretty much all of them were pigmented and easy to work with. I kind of prefer the first version of the palettes. I know Color Pop said the palettes would constantly change, but I love the first one. It had a little window so you kinda see inside the palette. Especially, as you can see, I like to rip out the styrofoam so I can make room for more shades. So instead of holding 4 shades, it holds 10. So you have a mini shadow palette holder for free. I did get the small empty palette from Colour Pop and it holds all my other shadows. And also because I use these palettes for other loose shadows I have. 

What I so like about this palette is the Colour logo all over. I love the embossing on the front and inside. 

Anyway hope you guys liked this mini swatching. Colour Pop has so much stuff its releasing it’s hard to keep up. So let’s all try and enjoy the Colour Pop goodies we so have before we go crazy to trying to get all the new stuff. 

Thanks so much for reading and stay purple.