Laura Lee x Violet Voss

I had recently just starting following Laura Lee and I really have grown to like her. The past year of having to get to know her and hear about her palette, I really wanted to try it. I was sad I missed the first launch. I was debating on getting it when it relaunched and then Beauty Bay had a coupon for 15% off, so I figured why not. The shades are really beautiful and it’s even better in person. This was the first time I got anything by Violet Voss and I am extremely happy with it. 

Now let’s get into some swatches!

Swatches will be starting from the first row going across. Then it will start on the top of my arm going down. I will review each shade for you guys. 

First two rows of the palette:

Basic is a vanilla cream shade. It’s very light on me I’d use it as a brow bone color. 

Sugah is a shimmer cream shade. This is very light on me as well but I’d use it a brow bone or inner corner highlight. 

Priss Pot is a very neutral orange shade. It is also extremely light on me. I would use this is as an all over neutralizing shade. 

Mamma Bird is a brighter orange that actually shows up. This is a great transition shade or when you want to do a neutral look. 

Raga Muffin is a burnt orange shade. This is another great transition shade or to deepen up the crease. Larlee is such a beautiful shade. It’s a pinky peach duo chrome shade. This is a great highlight shade or shadow topper. 

Tickled Pink is a frosted pink shimmer shade. I’m not a huge pink fan but this shade is super pretty. Definitely great for highlight and accent shade. 

Hissy Fit is a gorgeous deep gold shade. 

Bitty is a really pretty shimmery bronze shade. 

1988 is one the prettiest shades. It looks plain but when you swatch it, it’s a pinky gold duo chrome shade. It is absolutely gorgeous. 

Last two rows of the palette:

Fleeky is a metallic yellow gold. 

Britches is another neutral tan shade. This is another great crease or all over lid color. 

Fried is like an olive shade. I like this shade because it’s a very unusual shade to put in a palette but I really like it. 

Yoshi is pretty duo chrome brown and green shade. 

Rammer Jamer is a really pretty metallic pinky red shade. Alabama is a brown shade. It has a bit of red undertone to it. Another good transition and crease shade. 

Whiskers is a dark brown shade. This is for those smokey eye transition shades. 

Bubs is an even deeper brown but less red and getting more grey undertoned. 

Smashlee is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a duo chrome teal and gold. It literally looks like a mermaid’s tail. 

Lou is a super matte black. I don’t know why but I don’t use black in my looks a lot. Or ever lol. I’m scared to use especially for smokey eyes. I don’t do smokey eyes much or ever. I’ll be brave and do it eventually. 

My overall review of the palette is that it’s absolutely amazing. I watched a lot of reviews of this palette and was very nervous about it. They said the matte shades were hard to use bit everything in this palette was like a dream. Every shade pigmented and velvety. Even though there were some extremely light shades in this palette, the shades weren’t chalky. 

So if you are debating this palette I say get it. Even if you don’t know Laura Lee. The shade selections are really different and there are a lot of gorgeous shades in here. There’s a lot of stuff I’d never think to put together and love it. 

Here are some looks I’ve done with the palette. 

I love that I was able to create some really neutral looks and some really fun ones as well. 

If you guys have this palette, let me know if worked out well for you. Thank you guys so much reading and stay purple.