Lena Lashes Lemonade Highlighter Palette

A few weeks ago, Lena Lashes had a crazy deal on the Lemonade palette. Using a code they posted, you got the palette for $5. Originally $25, that’s hella good deal. Shipping is $6 bringing the total to $11 but that’s still a really good deal. I think it faintly smells like lemonade but I think it faded since I’ve got it. 

So let’s get right into swatches:


Bikini is a silver highlight that is blinding. It is super pigmented and this one has some kick up. 

Pool Party:

Pool Party is a warm golden highlight. 


Lemonade is a light yellow gold. 

Sweetie Pie:

Sweetie Pie is a deep gold highlight. This shade stood out right away like BAM! It hits ya. This one also has some kick up. 

I really like this palette a lot. The highlights are very soft, super pigmented, and very buildable. I feel like palette suits multiple skin tones which hard to do with just four shades. 

I am so happy I was able to get my hands on this! No regrets just super glowed up this summer. 

I believe I have Pool Party and Lemonade on in this photo but bad lighting. I wish you could see it better. 

I hope this has helped you guys out in anyway. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple.