Manhattan and Staten Island- Ofra CosmeticsĀ 

Ofra Cosmetics was a brand I wanted to try for a long time. Especially when they came out with New York City borough liquid lipsticks. Being from Staten Island, our borough is often forgotten, even by New Yorkers, but I don’t blame them. However, when a liquid lipstick comes out in your borough, you gotta jump on it. I got mine from Haute Look and I have no clue how much I paid. Probably around $9. 

When I finally got them I couldn’t understand how small these were. They are tiny. I thought these were like a deluxe sample or something. And it says it holds 8 grams which I find impossible when my regular sized liquid lipsticks don’t hold that much much less the ones of the same size as that. Jordana is about the same size and I don’t mind buying ethis because they’re only $5 whereas Ofra’s at regular price is $20. I don’t know if there’s a mislabeling or what, but online they say the hold 6 grams and my tube says 8. How? How Sway??

The top is what they look like on their website and these are the ones I got. I don’t understand. Do they put different ones on Haute Look? Which is ridiculous because that’s not a discount when your giving me less product. Someone please help me out. I see everyone on the Gram have these regular sized products and I’m over here with mini mes. Anyway, just had to get that confusing situation out the way. Who’s ready for some  swatches?

Big Apple Realness:

Staten Island:

Staten Island is a grey beige (griege) nude. Remember when Lime Crime was the first to come out with this color and people were scrambling for dupes because they were dragging Doe? Say what you will about her but she can come with some shades. Anyway, this griege is definitely very cool. I don’t know if on me if it’s too cool or too light. Either way I will definitely use a liner for this so I don’t look too dead. Just a little bit dead. 


Manhattan is a purple mauve. These are my favorite types of purples. This color is absolutely beautiful, completely in love with it. 

As for the formula, it’s actually really nice. It dries down not too fast so you have time to work with it. It feels pretty light weight and creamy. Feels comfortable on and not overly drying. Transfer proof, can’t say anything about eating or the wear over time. Overall I really liked these and how opaque they are. I’m just confused about the packaging and the actual amount that is in the bottles. Like why are there two different types of packaging you’re selling? Anyway, there’s a coupon code on it for 30% off: HAUTELOOK.  Give it a whirl and see if you like them. They have a really good shade range and I’d like to get into their purples. 

Hope this helped you guys out and maybe y’all can help me out with the packaging difference. Anyway questions feel free to ask. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple.