August- Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already August, time has flown by me. But there’s always time for monthly subscriptions. Those definitely help mark the beginning of the month and give me something to look forward to. So this months’ Medusa’s Makeup beauty box gives us some more new new of recently launched products. This is probably my favorite part of getting their subscription, you get to try some of the new stuff they are constantly launching. I am so happy that are expanding and coming out more products. I’ve been following them for awhile and this the most they have expanded and rebranded products in a long time.  So let’s get down to this months’ goodies!

Born to be down:IMG-6918[56]1. Metal AF Lipgloss- Cherry Pie- $11:IMG-6920[58]IMG-6921[59]IMG-6924[60]IMG-6908[51]IMG-6912[53]IMG-6915[55]Metal AF lipgloss is one of the new launches from Medusa’s Makeup. But this is way different from a regular lipgloss, it’s a stay on metallic gloss. I have no clue what that means but after swatching it I realized it was a liquid lipstick. In the swatches above, I have two swatches. The first one is one layer and the second is two layers. I guess that’s why they called it a gloss because it kind of goes on that way. It does dry down pretty fast but gives you room to play. You definitely need a second layer to show the true color and get opacity. Me and my friend are both wearing Cherry Pie. I have little to no pigmentation, and her lips are more pigmented. I really love this so much better than their Lip Paints. This is definitely a hit for me.

2. False Lashes in Heavy- $9:These are their falsies called Heavy. At first they only had one set, which they had sent in a previous box. But I recently checked the site and they have 3 different kinds now. Those first ones had a really thin band and I learned pretty quickly I can’t do thin band falsies. My lashes are very curly and  thick, so thin lashes will get lost. Also, my real lashes almost fight the fake ones, always pushing them away from the lash line. These seem to have a thicker band so hopefully these will work for me. They come with their own lash glue and I love the heart packaging.

3. Totally Baked Eyeshadow in Whatever- $9: I really love their totally baked eyeshadows. I have only used their pressed shadows before, but the baked series are totally different. I love the theme of like 80s/90s slang for the names. The baked shadows are foiled shades and in this formula they are so pigmented. Whatever is a great silver shade. Like I have no clue how to wear this. I need a whole outfit to be planned around this shade.

4. Eye Dust in Ultra Violence- $8:This shade…… First of the name alone. If you are big Lana del Rey fan as I am, then you know why. Ultra Violence was one of her albums and song, like omg. And then this shade name plus the color???? Y’all know I am beyond the purple queen, sometimes too much purple is not enough. Ultra Violence is this gorgeous frosty iridescent purple that would be great for that inner corner highlight or layer over shadows. Give this pigment a few sprits and this will be your new favorite holo highlight.

This months’ total: $37

I really loved this months a lot. I think it was beyond worth it with the new liquid lipstick in an amazing shade. I can’t wait to try these lashes and hoping the band is better to play with. I really loved both eyeshadow shades and they are so me. I really love this brand and I think their subscription boxes are so slept on! They are also vegan and cruelty free. I think this is amazing for $16 a month and it’s and indie brand.

Thank you guys so much for reading and free to contact me with any questions you have. Stay purple!


July- Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

Hey guys! I meant to put this up hella long ago but of course sick again. It has been crazy hot and I don’t well in the extreme heat. And my room is the hottest room in the house and there’s only so much a fan can do. It makes really hard for me to swatch as my room has the best lighting. Going outside just makes me want to die. So yeah the heat really really wasn’t helping me. But finally it’s about 30 degrees cooler and I feel like myself again. 

As much as I’ve been slacking, Medusa’s Makeup has not been. I really loved this months shipper. It’s super summery and sooo cute! So I will jump right into what I loved and hated this month. 

Don’t be a bummer:

1. Lip Paint in Cowgirl- $12:

I really have yet to receive a lip paint that I didn’t hate. Cowgirl is no exception. I don’t even know what shade or what level of nude this is. I’m not even sure who this would look good on but I know it ain’t me. This shade is practically white. It’s is pretty opaque but you do have to go over it a few times because of streaking. 
2. Glitter in Mystique- $8:

Mystique is a really beautiful light blue glitter with flecks of green. It’s really beautiful in person. It’s like the ultimate summer mermaid shade. 

3. Angle eyeliner brush- $8:The angle liner brush is synthetic. It is softer than the original one and hair more even. 

4. Brow Wow Wow- $12: This is a new product from Medusa’s Makeup. I usually use brow pencils instead of powders. It only comes in one shade so far. The highlight is blinding!!! This picture is doing it no justice at all. The brow powder is buildable. Looks dark enough for me. I tend to use dark brown for my brows. 

This months total: $45 

Because this month we got a treat of also receiving their beach bag! I love it so much. I’ve been using it everytime I go out. Holds a lot of stuff, good for shopping. 

I really loved everything I got this month except the Lip Paint. I love being able to try their new products and compare updated versions of previous ones 

This monthly is only $15.95 and they ship extremely fast. They are vegan and cruelty free brand. 

Thank you guys so much for reading. Feel free to ask me any questions. Stay purple. 

June- Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

Hey guys I know I am super late with posting this months beauty box. Between the heat wave and it getting me super sick, I literally had nothing in me to do swatches or reviews. And I must admit to being a bit depressed lately, and sometimes it effects my blogging among other things. So I finally sat down and did these swatches and I’ll go through them really quick. 

Hey June!:

1. Lipstick in Yolo- $12:

This lipstick is a semi matte lipstick in the shade Yolo. It’s a bright pink and it’s pretty full coverage. I kind of had to go over it a few times to get it completely opaque. This is not one of my favorite shades. I literally hate pink lipstick and it is so not for me. 
2. Totally Baked Eyeshadow in Tubular- $9:

Tubular is a teal green. I’m really loving these new baked shadows. They are very pigmented and they are not dry like other baked shadows. I’m pretty sure if you were to wet these they’d be even more amazing. 

3. Oh So Natural Lip & Cheek Stain in Raven- $8:

This is a lip and cheek stain in the shade Raven. You can use this all over your face. I have used them one the cheek and eyes and lips. I like them best on the lips. Very moisterizing in the winter.  This is a comparison of two different lip stains. The second shade is Moody, which is darker and more pigmented than Raven. Raven is a sheer cherry shade whereas Moody is a bit more of an opaque cherry shade. 

4. Shimmer Eye Dust in Jail Bait- $8:

Jail Bait is shimmery baby pink. It’s a loose shadow with a shifter and is 1.5 grams. 

Total: $37

It’s not an overall exciting box but I like everything but the lipstick. The shade is just not for me. I was happy to get another of the lip stains. 

Let me know if you liked this months box and if you have subscribed to their subscription. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

May- Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

Hey guys! Back again for this month’s beauty box from Medusa’s Makeup. This month’s is pretty cool and full of their newer goodies. Let’s get right into swatches. I don’t have much of an introduction today. 

May Beauty Box:

1. Glitter in Pegasus- $7:

Pegasus is a lavender glitter with some blue and pink undertones. The shade is so beautiful. Pegasus is the perfect name for this. It’s such a magical shade. 

2. Totally Baked Eyeshadow in Bitchin’- $9:

Bitchin’ is apart of their new baked eyeshadows. This color is a shimmery champagne color. This is really pretty and can also double as a highlighter. 

3. Lip Paint in Shag- $12:

Shag is their Lip Paint, their new liquid lipsticks. I really really really hate this color. Like it does not go well with me at all. It’s a nude coral shade and it’s very very light. I’m hoping to get a better shade in future. 

4. Lip Paint Remover- $10:

This is the Lip Paint remover. It’s completely vegan and cruelty free. It’s a proprietary blend of almond oil, grapeseed oil, and fragrance. I like that you can really smell the almond and grapeseed. This doesn’t work right away. You let it sit on the lips and I like to rub it in. I let it set and break down the liquid lip and wipe it off. It completely comes off there is no residue. The ingredients are so natural I’m not scared if I swallow some or not. 

This month’s total: $38 

This month definitely had some big ticket items. Still not in love with the Lip Paint shade so I don’t know when I’ll actually be able to use one. This just did not look nice on me. But I really liked everything else and happy to try another new item. 

Hope this helped in your decision on whether or not you would want to get this beauty box. It’s $16 a month, cruelty free and vegan. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

April- Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

I know I know I’m super late with bringing what’s going in this months beauty box. I’m still trying to shake off this do nothing depression and anxiety business, but ya know how it is. One step forward and two steps back. 

So let’s no waste any more time and get right down into swatches. 

April Beauty Box:

1. Blush in Georgia Peach- $12:

Georgia Peach is a shimmery peach blush. I tend to stay away from peach and coral blushes. It doesn’t look bad on my skin but I just prefer brighter blushes. This is the only blush I didn’t own before in the loose version. It’s very pretty, blendable and buildable. 

2. Eyeliner brush- $9:

I really like this brush. It has a thin tapered top and I’ll probably use this for concealing the brow or inner corner highlight. 

3. Eye Dust in Helter Skelter- $7:

Helter Skelter is a blackened navy with a light blue shift. This color is really beautiful. It reminds me of a peacock feather or an oil sick. It’s 1.5 grams and comes with a shifter. 

4. Eyeliner Seal- $8:

I never had an eyeliner seal or a mixing medium before so this was cool to receive. I didn’t even know they made this. As you can see I tried to give it a go on my arm. 

This months’ total: $36

All of Medusa’s Makeup are vegan and cruelty free. I have code for 15% off your order until May 31st: Pink. Visit to get these goodies or some others you may like. 

Hope this has helped you guys in deciding whether or not to get this beauty box. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple.