July- Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

Hey guys! I meant to put this up hella long ago but of course sick again. It has been crazy hot and I don’t well in the extreme heat. And my room is the hottest room in the house and there’s only so much a fan can do. It makes really hard for me to swatch as my room has the best lighting. Going outside just makes me want to die. So yeah the heat really really wasn’t helping me. But finally it’s about 30 degrees cooler and I feel like myself again. 

As much as I’ve been slacking, Medusa’s Makeup has not been. I really loved this months shipper. It’s super summery and sooo cute! So I will jump right into what I loved and hated this month. 

Don’t be a bummer:

1. Lip Paint in Cowgirl- $12:

I really have yet to receive a lip paint that I didn’t hate. Cowgirl is no exception. I don’t even know what shade or what level of nude this is. I’m not even sure who this would look good on but I know it ain’t me. This shade is practically white. It’s is pretty opaque but you do have to go over it a few times because of streaking. 
2. Glitter in Mystique- $8:

Mystique is a really beautiful light blue glitter with flecks of green. It’s really beautiful in person. It’s like the ultimate summer mermaid shade. 

3. Angle eyeliner brush- $8:The angle liner brush is synthetic. It is softer than the original one and hair more even. 

4. Brow Wow Wow- $12: This is a new product from Medusa’s Makeup. I usually use brow pencils instead of powders. It only comes in one shade so far. The highlight is blinding!!! This picture is doing it no justice at all. The brow powder is buildable. Looks dark enough for me. I tend to use dark brown for my brows. 

This months total: $45 

Because this month we got a treat of also receiving their beach bag! I love it so much. I’ve been using it everytime I go out. Holds a lot of stuff, good for shopping. 

I really loved everything I got this month except the Lip Paint. I love being able to try their new products and compare updated versions of previous ones 

This monthly is only $15.95 and they ship extremely fast. They are vegan and cruelty free brand. 

Thank you guys so much for reading. Feel free to ask me any questions. Stay purple.