New Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid ColorĀ 

Lord only knows how hard these were to find!!!!!! No Walgreens ever sells them. I don’t care what you say. None on Staten Island or Manhattan. The only place I get them on the Island is Kmart. And they don’t even have two of the colors, and of course one is  purple, of the first set that came out. I was able to find them in Duane Reade, which is only in Manhattan. They didn’t sell them before but now they do. Thank God. Cuz I’ve been in the struggle ever since these released. It’s like they don’t want anyone to have these. 

So let’s swatch for our lives:

Red Velvet Cake:

Red Velvet Cake is a blue based red. I love these types of reds because they look best on my skin tone. This is the one I haven’t got from the original colors. I’m still on the hunt for Sugared Plum. 

Molten Chocolate Cake:

Molten Chocolate Cake is a warm brown. I don’t really go for browns but this didn’t seem overwhelming brown. And I don’t mind the shade. I’m very picky with my browns. These I got at Duane Reade and literally the last of the shades. Like when you do find them there’s like one. Scarce. 

Cinnamon Toast:

Cinnamon Toast is a brown mauve. This has to be my favorite shades of the new releases. Every since my friend showed me and swatched it, I was like ahh hell no I need this. This was the one I got from Kmart and literally took down two displays and literally found one of this one. Every other shade fully stocked but this one. I almost was ready to cry because I couldn’t find it. 

Currant Jam:

Currant Jam is a plum. I love any brand that looks out for my purple obsession. 

They say the formula is to dry down to a velvet matte finish and it does but I also feel like it’s very powdery. It’s very weird but I like it. It smells good and kinda tastes good too. lol don’t judge me. The only thing I have problem with is their formula, especially on their darker shades. As you can see they get a bit streaky and don’t go on evenly. That’s why I say it’s powdery because you literally have dry patches. You can’t layer too much because these babies will crack up on you and it is not pretty at all. But I still love them because they’re only $5 and I really love the shades. And I can afford to be addicted to these babies. I just need them to work on the darker shades and the streakiness. 

I hope this has helped you guys out. Any advice on how to get these babies even? I’m definitely going to have to apply them a certain type of way. Oh and forget it with eating. These were gone. But I also don’t eat gracefully. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple.