Colour Pop Nectar 

For spring Colour Pop had decided to come out three separate collections that are on trend for spring. They’re doing tonal monochromatic makeup looks which was definitely on trend with fashion. These light wash of colors are definitely spring appropriate. I’m not a huge orange person but I don’t mind it in shadows and blushes. However not for lipsticks. I have very yellow undertones and yellow and orange don’t mix unless it’s Halloween. 

However, I still found some shades that were absolutely calling me name saying, orange you glad you got some nectar?

Now let’s get into some swatches:


Sauvage is a duo chrome peach with a hot pink flip. This shade was so hard to capture and it absolutely gorgeous. This could be a great highlight on the face, brow bone, and inner corner. Great on the lid for a pop of color. I love this shade so much. 


Cut-Outs is a dusty coral. I really love this shade. Great for making those orange eye looks a bit deeper. 

One By One:

One By One is a pastel peach. I really like this as a topper on top of eyeshadows and even as an all over highlight. 

I really love these shades. I chose them because they weren’t so obviously orange. They are absolutely gorgeous and workable for any look. 

The Knockout:

Excuse My French is a matte blush in a soft peach. Like To Watch is a pearlized highlighter, a peach with a duochrome gold flip. These are very buildable and soft. I really love the highlighter, it’s so gorgeous. The bottom swatch is the shades on top of each other. The blush is really growing on me. I’m so happy with it. When they release more of these, my wallet is going to be in trouble. 

Overall, I really love the pieces I got from the collection. All I want from the pink collection is the blush set. I’m a sucker for pinks blushes. Only pink stuff I like. 

Thank you guys for reading. Hope this helped out when deciding what to get. If you get anything it really should be the face set. Stay purple!