Colour Pop’s Pressed Powder Duos 

I was debating on getting the rest of the face powders from the Colour Pop monochromatic makeup looks. And then the Alexis Ren x Colour Pop collab face palette finally came back in stock. And I spent a weekend making 6 boxes of cupcakes in one night and the next day I woke up feeling like hell. I decided I needed a treat and that treat was the three face powders. And I am so happy I got them! These babies are absolutely beautiful, I think I love them more than the pressed shadow release. Let’s get into swatches! 

Alexis Ren x Colour Pop:

This is the Alexis Ren Topaz palette. The Golden Moment is the bronzer that’s on top. The bronzer is a warm bronze shade. She’s Here to Stay is the highlighter. The highlighter is a pearlized true gold. The bronzer has a lot of kick up so you have to be careful. The highlight is absolutely amazing. When I say I was glowed up I was glowed all the way up. Definitely a favorite. This is chronically sold out so if you can get your hands on it, run don’t walk. I may get a back up of this. I love packaging, it’s a matte black. I just hate that it gets dirty so easily. As you can see lol. 

Double Play:

The Double Play palette is apart of the Sand collection. Getting Handsy is a warm nude matte blush. Padded Down is a warm champagne pearlized highlighter. I wasn’t sure about this one mostly because of the nude blush. I can like nude blushes from time to time but wasn’t sure if it would show up on my skin tone. I was mostly here for the highlighter. Now the highlight is absolutely stunning. I really love shade and look of this. The blush didn’t have a lot of kick up like the bronzer. Both shades are really soft and buildable. 

Done Deal:

The Done Deal palette is apart of the pink collection. Above & Beyond is a warm pink matte blush. Made Me Do It is a champagne pink in a pearlized highlighter. I really love pink blushes so I was super excited for this palette. And pink highlighters aren’t exactly what I run for but this shade is really beautiful and ya can’t sleep on it. 

These are the palettes swatched in order and I added the Nectar one at the end. 

I really love these palettes so much. I love the super shock but in the blushes I always always feel like I’m rubbing them off more than on. That’s my problem with all cream blushes. The highlighters I will forever love but I can never get over a pressed powder. Pressed blushes are my jam, to quote Jordan, and these are so pigmented. I never doubted their highlighter skills but these are amazing. They are literally glow from outer space, they look wet on the skin, they last super long. I wore the Alexis highlight and it basically lasted all day. And I was running around the city from 12 pm. 

These face products are amazing. Please don’t sleep on these. I can’t wait for Colour Pop to come out with more. If they do purple I will surely die, running head over tails trying to get my hands on it.  

The only thing I didn’t like is that it didn’t have the names on them. For the Alexis Ren it did but I assume that because of the limited edition packaging and it being one option they can do that. But I guess for every other one they will have the standard white and is probably easier to mass produce without the names embossed on to the back. However they could’ve put it on the back with a sticker like they do everything else. They have it on the sleeve the set comes in but I already lost one and it’s pretty inconvenient to keep that on. So now I don’t know which palette is which without opening all of them. So they need to fix that. I am happy comes with a mirror. 

Hope this helps you guys out in making your decision. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple.